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October 11, 2006


To: MAA Club Presidents and MAA Club Directors




Sunday, November 12, 2006 - Fall MAA Board Meeting

Location – Twelfth Precinct Archers – 1:00pm

(See the archery guide for directions)


    If you cannot attend the semi annual MAA Board meeting at Twelfth Precinct Archers, you can email ( or fax (703) 476-1755), your clubs official response to these agenda items to the MAA President, Colleen McGowan. They will be given to an MAA officer who will serve as your club’s representative. Please note that they will only be able to vote as you direct them in your correspondence. It is better to have your club’s vote counted as such rather than your club’s voice not is heard on important matters.


*** General Information/Reminders ***


Club Shoot Cancellations


Please remember that when canceling a scheduled tournament that you must, according to the MAA By-laws, do so 30 days in advance of the date, unless it is because of some un-foreseen emergency.  


Please contact the VP of Tournaments, Sue Blickenstaff, or (410) 346-6727. She can send out an email to all of the club Presidents/Representative or club contact person.  Also, please contact, Alex Dodin, the MAA Website Manager (, at He will put it up on the website. If you prefer to contact the clubs yourself, please ask for an email list from Sue Blickenstaff and she will send it to you. Please make sure that you “CC”, the VP of Tournaments and the MAA President when sending each cancellation notice out on your own. 


Unless the VP of Tournaments, or the President, Colleen McGowan has heard about the change or cancellation of a shoot, it will not be official. There were several times this year that there were rumors of cancelled shoots that were incorrect and unconfirmed.    


MAA Manual and Charity fees


  According to V. Administration, D,1,e.  Each club is to pay annually, a Manual Fee of $5.00, which is used to distribute the new version of the MAA Constitution and By-Laws each year to each club.  There is also a Charity Fee of $3.00, which is to be added to the funds collected towards the appointed charity sponsored by the MAA each year. Prior to the NFAA billing clubs directly for their NFAA/MAA charter fees, each club was sent a bill for these fees along with their charter renewal papers each year by the MAA Treasurer. 

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--- Manual and Charity fee con’t from prior page.


Attached is a bill form for these fees for the year 2006, the due date is December 31st 2006. Please return this bill along with a check for $8.00, made out to the MAA. These fees can be paid at the November MAA meeting or mailed to the MAA Secretary at the MAA PO Box (address above on letterhead). The MAA Administration thanks you in advance for your understanding and payment.  


2007 – 2008 MAA Shooting Schedule


The scheduling meeting held on August 26th at the Outdoor State Field Championships went very well. The final schedule will be given one last going over at the MAA Fall meeting. Please remember that there will be only changes of: type of round, times or cancellation of shoots at this meeting. If you have any questions about the schedule you have already received from the VP of Scheduling, Bob Sales, they must be addressed with him PRIOR to the meeting.  We will be voting on the FINAL schedule the night of the meeting only.


MAA Officers – Representatives and Contact Personnel


   Most Clubs will have their election of officers within the next couple of months. Please send a current copy of your club officers, along with address, phone numbers and email addresses, to the MAA Secretary as soon as they are available. Remember this is also the same information that is listed next to the maps in the Archery Guide for a full year. So please send this list ASAP to the MAA Secretary Colleen McGowan - acting Sec. –(, Judy Specht, ( the Archery Guide Editor and Alex Dodin the Website Admin. (


Newsletters via Email


Starting with the January newsletter to the general membership, all newsletters will be send via email to everyone unless they do not have email (please note that does not mean those who do not want to give out their email). Between printing and postage cost continuing to rise and the fact that email does not cost the MAA anything, we will start emailing out newsletters to the general membership, as we now do to the club representatives.  Anyone that does not do email will get one mailed. A notice will be sent out to all membership for them to email the President/Secretary with their email address with in an email along with identifying themselves for file. This email list will not be passed along to anyone. An will be send under a blind copy so members email address will not show up on everyone actual copy of their email. Once this notice goes out, anyone who does not contact the President/Secretary (Colleen McGowan, MCGOWANCOL@AOL.COM) with their email address or that they do not actually participate in email at all will NOT get a newsletter. Lack of information contact between the MAA and that member will be solely placed on the members shoulders. In this day of internet correspondence there is not reason for spending a lot of money on postage/printing or the time it takes to physically print the newsletter, shuffle the paper, postage and mail it out. Please pass this along to you members. And forward also the MAA many thanks for their cooperation. 


MAA Guide 2007/2008




Please be thinking about your ads and what you want to put in them.  We will be contacting all our current club and commercial advertisers in the upcoming weeks.  If you need information right now, contact Winnie Paris or Barb Cavelius.  If you know of ANYONE new who may be interested in advertising in the 2007 Guide, please either approach them for us or give us the information and we will approach them.  We can ALWAYS use more advertisers.


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If you have any photos taken this year that would be suitable for the Guide, Mike Pettrey would love to see them for possible inclusion.  As always, questions or comments and suggestions are most welcome.


Thanks for helping!!!

Mike Pettrey, Barb Cavelius, Larry Worrill, Faye Wise, Winnie Paris, Vicki Clem, & Judy Specht


Mike Pettrey:   - photos

Barb Cavelius:  - ads

Larry Worrill  - graphics

Faye Wise: - state scores/records & national scores 

Winnie Paris:  - club ads & info

Vicki Clem:  - proofreading 

Judy Specht:  - proofreading


State Officers and Appointed Positions


Nomination for annual MAA Executive Board Positions:


            VP of Awards                          -                       George Light Jr.  – Incumbent

            VP of Tournaments                 -                       Sue Blickenstaff – incumbent

            VP of Scheduling                    -                       Bob Sales - incumbent

            MAA Secretary                        -                       Open

            MAA Treasurer                        -                       Mike Pettrey - appointed


State Championship Bids for 2007/2008


FITA Indoor    -                                               Mayberry Archers


NFAA Indoor  -                                               Cumberland Bowhunters


3D Challenge            -                                  


NFAA Outdoor          -                                   Eutaw Forest Archers

                                                                        Cumberland Bowhunters

                                                                        Anne Arundel Archers                                                                     


FITA Field                  -                                   Vingt Neuf Bowman


NFAA Animal            -                                   Mayberry Archers (with contingency)


FITA Target                -                                   Oriole Archers


Charity Shoot -                                   Eutaw Forest Archers





All clubs must maintain a current range inspection through our NFAA Direction, Ron West.  Any club that have expired range inspections, please contact Ron immediately to schedule an inspection.  NFAA Range Inspection forms maybe obtained either directly from NFAA or through their website.  If you Clubs’ range does not have a current inspection, regardless of the insurance you have, anyone shooting records scores, robinhoods or qualifying for 20 pins will not qualify for NFAA awards.   These clubs are also not eligible to host State Tournaments.  Any questions on this, please contact Colleen or Ron direct.





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Agenda Items


1.  Agenda Item:   page 4 – III – Executive Committee and Duties, E.

Add the submitting of state run tournament scores to the MAA Website Administrator to the MAA Website administrator after each tournament to the VP of Tournaments Job description.


Reason:  The VP of Tournament’s duties are the running of each of the state run tournaments. This includes all of the state championships, the 3D Challenge and the annual Charity Shoot. Since the VP of Tournaments is responsible for the processing of the scores for each of these tournaments and they are currently responsible for forwarding the results to all MAA Officers, and Club representatives. Then it would seem that the natural progression of the processing of state tournament results would be to also forward the tournaments results to the MAA Website Administrator.


The section would read as follows:


E. MAA Vice President of Tournaments: It shall be the duty of the Vice President of Tournaments: Be responsible for state tournament registration, including obtaining necessary help, verifying an archer’s eligibility, recording scores, determining winners and new records, and maintaining the scoreboard. Receive and preprocess State Championship tournaments registration forms and fees and process late registration at the tournaments. Forward Tournament registration fees to the MAA Treasurer. Prepare score cards and tournament sheets for state tournaments with the name and style of each shooter. Provide the Vice President of Awards with a list of the tournaments pre-registered classifications for preparation of awards. Prepare and forward tournament results to all MAA Council members, clubs and the MAA Website Administrator with all places numbered. Keep state records up to date. Maintain Supplies, Score cards and etc. pertaining to the running of any of the state run tournaments.


Submitted by:  Colleen McGowan, President MAA


            *****Exec. Board Agrees     


             ______YES          ______NO          ______ABSTAIN


2. Agenda Item:



At the November 2005 MAA meeting it was discussed, voted on and passed to use the below noted format for the 2006 Charity shoot.  If this one time format change for the 2006 Charity shoot was successful, an agenda item will be submitted for a vote at the May 2006 MAA Board of Directors meeting for permanent change.


This permanent agenda item change was forgotten by the current MAA President/Secretary for the May 2006 meeting. And they apologize for that. To update and correct that error the following agenda is now being put forward for permanent change in format.


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---- Charity shoot agenda item con’t


It was reported by the Chairperson of the annual Charity shoot, Bob Sales after poling those who attended that the new format was a great success and that everyone appreciated the Dot shooters and the 3D shooters getting done at the same time so the raffles and action could get started at an earlier time. It has been recommended by the Charity Shoot Chairperson to make format used and noted below at the 2006 Charity shoot a permanent format change.


3-D Participation –

3D shooters will shoot the standard amount of targets (15 or 20), whatever the host club can provide.


Dot shooters – will shoot a 14 target Expert Round will be shot.  A regular Field Face (no special target needed) will be used; the only difference is that each ring is scored.  The scoring is 5-4-3-2-1.  


Submitted by Colleen McGowan, MAA President & Bob Sales, Charity Shoot Chairman.


            *****Exec. Board Agrees


            ______YES          ______NO          ______ABSTAIN


3 Agenda Item:

To return the State held 3-D Challenge - 3D marked and unmarked back to the NFAA/MAA State Championship shoot using current NFAA/MAA equipment rules, styles and divisions.  Keep the IBO side of the tournament as is, using IBO equipment rules and styles for competing.


Reason: Those who like to shoot both marked and unmarked 3-D targets in the MAA would like to have it returned to State championship Status. While leaving the IBO side of the tournament as is. The tournament would still pull in the IBO participants who like to shoot under IBO equipment rules and Styles and not NFAA/MAA’s.  In its 1st year the

3-D Challenge had 20 NFAA/MAA participants and 23 IBO participants. 


Submitted by Harford Bowmen


            *****Exec. Board Agrees


            ______YES          ______NO          ______ABSTAIN


Question; should the awards for the NFAA/MAA side of this tournament return to being a state plaque or should it remain what was given in 2006. An MAA shirt with the 3-D Challenge Champion on it stitched on it? Many liked the shirts. MAA can continue to supply all awards at the income split used in 2006. Or the club holding the tournament can provide the awards for the IBO side and State Championship awards can be given for the NFAA/MAA side of this event.





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4. Agenda Item:

Combine/Add the State Animal Championship to the State Outdoor Field Championship. This would eliminate the current State Animal Championship.  Aprox. attendance of the current State Animal 35 to 40.


State Outdoor Championship Format would be as follows:

Shoot - 28 Field Targets and then 14 NFAA Official Animal Targets directly afterwards (14 Targets being an Official NFAA round) on Saturday. Then shoot 28 Hunter Targets on Sunday.


Reason: Currently we are shooting a version of this type of format at our Mid-Atlantic Sectional.  Many archers like to shoot the Animal round and shoot it at the outdoor Nationals. We eliminate the State Animal Championship and buy doing so save money on championship plaques and pins and bring the number of state championships down to 6 or 7 depending on the outcome of the agenda item requesting the state 3-D Challenge NFAA/MAA competition be returned to State Championship status.


Submitted by Harford Bowmen


            Exec. Board Agrees


             ______YES          ______NO          ______ABSTAIN


5. Agenda Item:

Change By-Law;    ( Bolded item )

   Section V, D: 

       3.  Current dues in effect (1 January 2005)


            Adult                                                         See Attachment 6.

            Independent Youth                           See Attachment 6

            Family Youth (under age 18)              See Attachment 6

            Life Membership                     15 times adult annual dues

      >> Free life membership if 65 years or over and a MAA member for at least the past 10 years.


Currently our membership application reflects as also our MAA By-laws states that current members that are 65 years or older and have been a current member of the MAA for at least 10 consecutive years their MAA membership becomes FREE.


   Unfortunately, considering the average age of the NFAA/MAA member is 50 or so at the currant rate that we are moving towards the more than a third of our membership in the next 5 years will be paying no MAA dues. That will eventually become one half. The MAA unfortunately cannot continue in that direction. We will at some point have very little state dues income.  




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65 or over membership dues – con’t


My proposal is this:

Change the fees for members that are 65 years or older and has at least 10 consecutive years of MAA membership to pay $15.00 and this category of dues shall always be at least $5.00 less than the general Adult membership (much like our tournament fee are done).  This will be grandfathered. Current members that are on this plan will remain as the application states currently and as with all by-law changes it will go into effect as of January 1st 2007.


   Note: Any member already falling into this category and wishing to continue to pay MAA dues at the new rate would be allowed to do so and the MAA would be extremely appreciative to them.


Submitted by Colleen McGowan, President MAA


            ****Exec. Board Agrees 


             ______YES          ______NO          ______ABSTAIN



1. Discussion Item:

   Change the State Championship pin to a smaller size so that people can put them on their quivers, etc. without taking up so much space.


Suggestion 1:

   Use the current 1st (since they already say “State Champion” on them) and create a different pin for the flight pins.


Suggestion 2:

    Since we are getting low on Championship pins and will need to order next year, we could take the current pin design but make it smaller size, suggesting no more than 1 and ½ or 2 inches in dimension. Which would make them a large hat pin size, eventually making all Award pins this same larger hat pin size? It would most likely save the MAA money and everyone winning a Championship, 1st, 2nd or 3rd pin would be able to wear their award pins on their quiver, hats or jackets.  We could get actual cost figures and represent them to the Board prior to needed to order.


Submitted by Vicki Clem and endorsed by Colleen McGowan, Pres. MAA


          Exec. Board Agrees - VP of Awards will have quote on cost.


          _____ YES    _______ NO _______ ABSTAIN








Discussion items con’t


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2.  Discussion Item;

  Switching the weekend dates of the Animal State Championship and the FITA Target State Championship.


  Reasoning: – To promote MD Archery and more attendance to the FITA Target with a current similar format to the MD State Senior Olympics (which is a qualifier for the National Senior Olympics). After looking over the MAA State events that are being held in September and discussing it with Ted Light, who is now running the MD State Div. of the Senior Olympics Archery event. We are proposing for the year of 2007, switching the dates of the State Animal and the FITA Target (currently a 900 Round with NO FITA Attire restrictions) so that the FITA Target is held the weekend prior to the Senior Olympics at the same location. We think that it is possible that we may have more people who are going to compete at the Sr. Olympics event attend the FITA Target and it could be advertised as a practice competition in both the MAA PR information and the MD Senior Olympic PR information. Anyone attending this event who is not an NAA/NFAA/MAA member would be treated as a Guest shooter and a new MAA Logo T-shirt could be given as the guest award to once again promote the MAA and MD Archery.  This would make the FITA Target the 2nd weekend of Sept., The Sr. Olympics the 3rd and the NFAA Animal the 3rd.


Additional Info: A new MAA Logo T-shirt has been used as the guest award at both the FITA Field and the FITA Target and it has been received very well by the recipients. The cost to the Host club is the price of the T-shirt of which .05 over the purchase price.


3.  Discussion Item:

Do we want to continue to collection of local Club shoot results? 


            Exec. Board Agrees


            ____ Yes   ______ NO  _______ Abstain







                                       Respectfully submitted,


                                                                 Colleen McGowan- Acting, MAA Secretary



Please advise by return email that this has been received – thank you.




Attached:        Manual Fee & Charity Shoot Fee Bill

                        MAA Application – will be forward after membership dues vote

                        2007-2008 Final Schedule for Vote