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January 18, 2007


Officers for 2007: President Colleen McGowan

V-President Ken Thompson

VP of Awards George Light, Jr. VP of Tournaments Open

VP of Scheduling Bob Sales

Secretary Kim Wise

Treasurer Mike Pettrey

NFAA Director Ron West



Please note that as of the May newsletter we would like to start sending out the MAA newsletters to all MAA members that have email. This would save much time and money for the MAA. People who are not on or do no have access to email will continue to receive their MAA newsletters via regular post office mail.


If you wish to help out tremendously the MAA and its officers please email Colleen McGowan, MAA President at MCGOWANCOL@AOL.COM your email address. Please include your name and club in the email so we have all the info for the new data base. Email address will not show on the email sending the newsletter, it will be send via a blind copy so you email address will not be and cannot be passed along to anyone else unless you want it to be. We need you to do this ASAP so we can start building the database file of info. Just think, applications for shoots and newsletter with info needed will no longer be lost or thrown out by accident. Thanks so much for you help in advance of you participating in this new modern age of the MAA.

Membership Personal Information:

Please make sure that your CLUB and the MAA has the CORRECT PERSONAL INFO. for you. Recent pursuant of contact was deterred because of incorrect phone numbers. If you move or change your phone numbers please make sure that both you CLUB and the MAA has those changes. If not pertinent info. Or other communications such as newsletters, and shoot registration forms will not and cannot be delivered.


Membership Important Information for the New Year!!

For NAA members your membership application is attached. Please forward it along with your payment made out to the Maryland Archery Assc. to the P.O. Box address listed on the application as well as the top of this newsletter.


Please note that there are NO MAA ONLY members except for those who have paid MAA only LIFETIME DUES. Those who fall in that category will still need to pay NFAA dues to participate in NFAA sanctioned shoots.

Those people can forward there money to the above P.O. Box along with an application stating this and the MAA will forward your NFAA dues on to NFAA headquarters to be process.


NFAA Agenda Items for Club Vote

Ron West, our NFAA State Director made a request and gave instructions for downloading for each of your clubs input on the NFAA (National) agenda items. This was also including in the minutes of the semi annual November MAA Board of Directors meeting. They are/were due into him by January 15th, I hope that you clubs representative took the time to download them and go over them with all of your clubs NFAA/MAA members in the past several month. There were many very important items to vote on.


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MAA Semi Annual Spring Meeting

Anyone wishing to submit agenda items for the membership to vote on please submit them the to the MAA President, Colleen McGowan, at P.O. Box 414, Herndon, VA, 20172, by March 13, 2007. This is the required 60 days prior to the meeting.


MAA State Championship Applications

Attached are the registration applications for the first two state championships we will hold in 2007. Directions, instructions, equipment and tournament rules are included on a separate page this year, so you will still have all the important information left after you send in application to the MAA. The remaining applications will be SENT out later in the year, with your next newsletter.



MAA Tournament Bids Results:

FITA Indoor (2008) Mayberry Archers


NFAA Indoor Cumberland Bowhunters


Charity Shoot Eutaw Forest Archers


MAA 3-D Challenge Anne Arundel Archers


NFAA Outdoor Anne Arundel Archers


FITA Field Vingt Neuf Bowman


NFAA Animal Mayberry Archers


FITA Target Oriole Archers



Mid Atlantic Indoor Sectional Championship - March 3-5, 2006

- Maryland Location - Tuscarora Archers, 5608 Etzler Road, Frederick, MD

- Registration Contact: Colleen McGowan, Phone: 703 476 1755, Club: (301) 695-5316


- Mailing address  2741 Calkins Road, Herndon, VA 20171


>>>> Can shoot twice but ONLY highest score will be sent in for results.

This will be a NFAA 300 Round counting Xs 12 ends, 5 arrows each end.

>>>> Pre registration strongly suggested, late registration if space permitted.


Times: Friday, March 2nd, 2007 - 7:30 pm (Locals)

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 - 9:00am, 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm

Sunday, March 4th, 2007 - 9:00 am and 12:30 pm


Please note that once again the application does not give you a place for your DATE/TIME selections. You must shoot twice and you can shoot back to back rounds. So you need to request two separate times/lines to shoot.






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The MAA Annual Charity Shoot

Our annual Charity shoot benefiting Camp Sunshine a camp for kids with cancer will be held on April 30, 2006. Our Charity Shoot Chairperson is Bob Sales. Please note that Bob can always us plenty of help to collect and to set up the items at the location of the shoot. If you wish to donate time or merchandise please call Bob at (301) 459-0763. Please also note that you can give any donations of merchandise and/or checks to any MAA officer. Also, attached is an official pledge sheet, it has instructions as to how the pledge sheet works right on it. You might want to make copies in the event you fill up more than one. Please have any one paying by check, make them payable to American Cancer Society, referencing Camp Sunrise on the memo line. Their canceled check then becomes their receipt for tax purposes.

Dot shooters will be shooting an official 14 target Expert Round A Field Target is used Scoring all rings - 5,4,3,2,1. Shot Gun Start at 10 am. There will be 20 3D Targets, casual registration from -10am -12pm. Cards in by 2pm. The new format should put both Dot and 3D shooter finished shooting around the same time. The Auction and drawings will start immediately after all cards are turned in.


Attached is a personal pledge sheet, contribution by way of this personal pledge sheets has been way down in the last several years. Get out there and ask everyone you know to pledge $5.00 it will add up to a lot for the Kids at Camp Sunshine.


*** General Information/Reminders ***


Club Shoot Cancellations

Clubs were reminded that notification of shoot cancellations no matter how short MUST be sent to all MAA BOARD MEMBERS AND THE WEBPAGE ADMINISTRATOR.


Please remember that when canceling a scheduled tournament that you must, according to the MAA By-laws, do so 30 days in advance of the date, unless it is because of some un-foreseen emergency.


Please contact the MAA President, Colleen McGowan, MCGOWANCOL@AOL.COM or 703 476 1755 AND the MAA Secretary, Kim Wise, at OR 301 293 3565. An email to all of the clubs Presidents/Representative or club contact person. Also, please contact, Alex Dodin, the MAA Website Manager (, at He will put it up on the website.


Unless the VP of Tournaments, or the President, Colleen McGowan has heard about the change or cancellation of a shoot, it will not be official. There were several times this year that there were rumors of cancelled shoots that were incorrect and unconfirmed.



Presidents Note: Please take the time to thank all these people for volunteering to help support the operation of the Maryland Archery Association.


Also, we are looking for a VP of Tournaments. Sue Blickenstaff did a great job for many years and now we need to find someone to file the position. Please pass the word. Any question pertaining to this position please contact any MAA Officer. Experience in EXEL, WORD and some WORKS would be needed. Tutoring is available.


Agenda Items


Please note:

Votes are marked as Y YES, N - NO, OR A ABSTAINED,

Abstentions are added to the majority vote.


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1. Agenda Item: page 4 III Executive Committee and Duties, E.

Add the submitting of state run tournament scores to the MAA Website Administrator to the MAA Website administrator after each tournament to the VP of Tournaments Job description.


AAA Y- (1) CB A- (1) EFA Y- (1) GPB Y- (1)

MA Y- (1) MOB -A- (1) OA Y- (1) SMA Y- (1)

TA Y- (1) TPA Y- (1) VNB Y- (1) 11 Clubs voting


# YES - 9, # NO - 0, # Abstentions 2 --- Total #of Votes 11, Agenda - PASSED.




The format for the annual Charity Shoot tournament that was used in 2006 will be permanently changed to:


3-D Participation

3D shooters will shoot the standard amount of targets (15 or 20), whatever the host club can provide.


Dot shooters will shoot a 14 target Expert Round will be shot. A regular Field Face (no special target needed) will be used; the only difference is that each ring is scored. The scoring is 5-4-3-2-1.


AAA Y- (1) CB A- (1) EFA Y- (1) GPB Y- (1) MA N- (1) MOB -Y- (1) OA Y- (1) SMA Y- (1)

TA Y- (1) TPA Y- (1) VNB Y- (1) 11 Clubs voting.


# YES - 9, # NO - 1, # Abstentions 1 --- Total #of Votes 11, Agenda - PASSED.


3 Agenda Item:

To return the State held 3-D Challenge - 3D marked and unmarked back to the NFAA/MAA State Championship shoot using current NFAA/MAA equipment rules, styles and divisions. Keep the IBO side of the tournament as is, using IBO equipment rules and styles for competing.


This agenda item was withdrawn by the Bob Specht, Legal Chairman,

Explanation below:


Unfortunately the MAA Exec. Board will need to apologize for this agenda not being pulled or Harford Bowman given the opportunity for making any changes prior to this being sent out to the clubs for a vote. The Exec. Board tried to see if we would be able to hold our Semi annual meeting to go over submitted agenda items via email. I believe the general consensus at Sundays meeting is that we need to have that person to person meeting in order to make sure that all aspects of the agenda items that are submitted are already legal as far as the MAA Constitution and By-laws permits.


After being brought up in the discussion prior to voting on this agenda item, it was discovered that having the NFAA/MAA side of the shoot as a State championship and the IBO side as a regular shoot, would be actually make all those participating in side of the shoot GUESTS and would conflict with compliance issues with the NFAA.


The MAA Exec. Board would like to sincerely apologize to Harford Bowmen for this and if they would like to resubmit the agenda item to please do so for May meeting.


The President note on the 3D Challenge:

Below you will see the actual agenda item voted on at the Nov. 2005 MAA Board of Directors meeting.


Agenda item:

5. Remove the Marked and Unmarked 3D State Championships and replace them with a 1 day 3D Challenge or Jamboree run by MAA with an IBO type class added. The targets would be set at unmarked distances and a marked distance sheet would be available to those that want to shoot marked 3D. The MAA/host club split would remain the same.


Submitted by Sue Blickenstaff VP of Tournaments

--- continued on next page

- Cont

- Cont


As you can see by the bolded item the split was to remain the same as before which is 70/30. Since this was a totally NEW concept. The decision of the MAA providing the Awards for this shoot of which was an MAA T-Shirt with the 3D Challenge logo on it given to each WINNER(one per person) was a concept that came about from TA holding numerous IBO shoots. The general consensus was that 3D Guys like their Awards to be shirts that they can wear to show off that they won and not a trophy or plaque to collect dust. Because of this the expense was now laid solely on the MAA, there were no GUESTS at this shoot. So the split was reverted back to the standard 60/40 that all is used at all the other state tournaments.


An agenda item was not submitted to make this permanent due to the fact that an agenda item was submitted to change this shoot once again. AAA is hosting this event in 2007. Bob Sales, AAA President (and VP of Scheduling of who was the only other MAA Officer in attendance at this shoot). Has already confirmed that this format worked well and had a great response from all the participants receiving the shirts. And that it should remain under this format when AAA holds the shoot in 2007. An agenda item will be submitted at the May meeting to see if the membership will want to permanently change the format to the one used this year of 2006.

4. Agenda Item:

Combine/Add the State Animal Championship to the State Outdoor Field Championship. This would eliminate the current State Animal Championship. Aprox. attendance of the current State Animal 35 to 40.


State Outdoor Championship Format would be as follows:

Shoot - 28 Field Targets and then 14 NFAA Official Animal Targets directly afterwards (14 Targets being an Official NFAA round) on Saturday. Then shoot 28 Hunter Targets on Sunday.

AAA N -- (1) CB N- (1) EFA F- (1) GPB N- (1) MA N- (1) MOB -N- (1) OA A- (1) SMA N- (1)

TA F- (1) TPA N- (1) VNB N- (1) 11 Clubs voting


# YES - 2, # NO - 8, # Abstentions - 1 - Total #of Votes 11, Agenda - FAILED.


5. Agenda Item:

Change By-Law; Section V, D: (Bolded item)

3. Current dues in effect (1 January 2005)

Free life membership if 65 years or over and a MAA member for at least the past 10 years.


To Change the membership fees for members that are 65 years or older to pay $15.00 and this category of dues shall always be at least $5.00 less than the general Adult membership (much like our tournament fee are done). Current members that are on this plan will remain as the application states currently (the NFAA will have you listed as a MAA life membership) this would go into effect as of January 1st 2007.


AAA - A- (1) CB -Y- (1) EFA Y- (1) GPB Y- (1) MA N- (1) MOB -Y- (1) OA N- (1) SMA Y- (1)

TA Y- (1) TPA Y- (1) VNB N- (1) 11 Clubs voting


# YES - 7, # NO - 3, # Abstentions - 1 - Total #of Votes 11, Agenda - PASSED.



1. Discussion Item:

Change the State Championship pin to a smaller size so that people can put them on their quivers, etc. without taking up so much space.


The outcome of the discussion was as follows:

1. The pin needs to be bigger and not smaller (a joke from those who have not won one)

2. We would have to go thru a somewhat large expense to make the change.

3. The reason the pins are the size now is because someone thought the state championship pin was not big enough per the memory of Ron West.

So the general outcome was that we should leave the pin as is.

- Continued on next page -



Continued on next page -


- CONT -


A thought -We will look into some sort of a hat pin that could be given to the state championship winners that denoted that they were state champion of a certain year and let the membership know what the outcome of that research is.


2. Discussion Item;

Switching the weekend dates of the Animal State Championship and the FITA Target State Championship.


The general discussion was that the Seniors will most likely not worry about practicing prior to their tournament at OA.


3. Discussion Item:

Do we want to continue to collection of local Club shoot results?

Submitted by Colleen McGowan President MAA.

Due to the fact that there was so much discussion on all the other items, I did not feel this was worth the extra time at the meeting. Please send you clubs response to this discussion item to Colleen McGowan, Acting Sec. at MCGOWANCOL@AOL.COM.



Respectfully submitted,


Kim Wise - MAA Secretary