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November 10, 2007


To: MAA Club Presidents and MAA Club Directors


Please note that this newsletter is late due to the President of the MAA. Personal and miss-directed paperwork has made this newsletter far past he due date of the MAA by-laws and I take all responsibility for this, please direct ALL complaints to myself, Colleen McGowan, Pres. MAA (703) 476-1755 or MCGOWANCOL@AOL.COM. Thank you.




Sunday, November 11, 2007 - Fall MAA Board Meeting

Location – Twelfth Precinct Archers – 1:00pm

(See the archery guide for directions)


    If you cannot attend the semi annual MAA Board meeting at Twelfth Precinct Archers, you can email ( or fax (703) 476-1755), your clubs official response to these agenda items to the MAA President, Colleen McGowan. They will be given to an MAA officer who will serve as your club’s representative. Please note that they will only be able to vote as you direct them in your correspondence. It is better to have your club’s vote counted as such rather than your club’s voice not is heard on important matters.


*** General Information/Reminders ***


MAA Manual and Charity fees

  Attached is a bill form for these fees for the year 2006, the due date is December 31st 2007. Please return this bill along with a check for $8.00, made out to the MAA. These fees can be paid at the November MAA meeting or mailed to the MAA Secretary at the MAA PO Box (address above on letterhead). The MAA Administration thanks you in advance for your understanding and payment. 


2008 – 2009 MAA Shooting Schedule

The scheduling meeting held on September 16th at Mayberry Archers went very well. The final schedule will be given one last going over at the MAA Fall meeting. Please remember that there will be only changes of: type of round, times or cancellation of shoots at this meeting. If you have any questions about the schedule you have already received from the VP of Scheduling, Bob Sales, they must be addressed with him PRIOR to the meeting.  We will be voting on the FINAL schedule the night of the meeting only.


MAA Officers – Representatives and Contact Personnel

   Most Clubs will have their election of officers within the next couple of months. Please send a current copy of your club officers, along with address, phone numbers and email addresses, to the MAA Secretary as soon as they are available. Remember this is also the same information that is listed next to the maps in the Archery Guide for a full year. So please send this list ASAP to Colleen McGowan

Pres. – (, Larry Worrill -LWORR@COMCAST.NET the Archery Guide Editor and Alex Dodin the Website Admin. (

Page 1


Page 2


MAA Guide 2008/2009



Please bring your updated club or business ads to the November MAA meeting –

Along with a check for payment made out to the payable to the MAA.

            Maryland Archery Clubs  

                        Full Page                                                                        90.00

                        Half Page                                                                       75.00

                        Business Card                                                                45.00

Non-Profit Organizations/Clubs

                        Full Page                                              (20 Guides)        95.00

                        Half Page                                             (15 Guides)        75.00

                        Business Card                                      (10 Guides)        45.00


Commercial Businesses

                        Back Cover                                          (30 Guides)      165.00

                        Inside Cover - front and rear                 (30 Guides)     135.00

                        First Page, Last Page                            (30 Guides)      135.00

                        Full Page Tinted (near center of guide) (20 Guides)       135.00

Full Page                                              (20 Guides)      105.00

            Half Page                                             (15 Guides)        90.00

            Business Card                                      (10 Guides)        60.00


If you need information right now, contact.  If you know of ANYONE new who may be interested in advertising in the 2008 Guide, please either approach them for us or give us the information and we will approach them.  We can ALWAYS use more advertisers.


Larry Worrill:  - graphics

Open:     Photos

Faye Wise: - state scores/records & national scores 

Colleen McGowan:      club ads & info

Vicki Clem:  - proofreading 

Judy Specht:  - proofreading

Open:  Commercial Ads – someone needed ASAP




From: Larry Worrill – Graphics MAA Guide

To All Club Representatives:


I would like to downsize the Archery Guide to a manageable Size. By reducing the Guide to approximately 60 pages would reduce the cost of printing. We could saddle stitch the Archery Guides and save money. The Printer we use has to send out our Archery Guide to another company to have them spiral bound.


I would like to put all the pages now in the Archery Guide that we do not print on the MAA web site. Example the Record pages, this information changes little and we do not need the info immediately.


If everyone would look through the Archery Guide and see what pages you use and need through out the year. Think about it and let us have a quick discussion at the meeting on 11 Nov.  I will bring a sample to the meeting.



Page 2




Page 3


State Officers and Appointed Positions


Nomination for annual MAA Executive Board Positions:


            President:                                -                       Bob Sales

            Vice President:                        -                       Open

            VP of Awards:                         -                       George Light Jr.  – Incumbent

            VP of Tournaments                 -                       Open

            VP of Scheduling                    -                       Open

            MAA Secretary                        -                       Two Candidates being considered

            MAA Treasurer                        -                       Mike Pettrey – appointed

            MAA Legal Advisor                  -                       Bob Specht - Incumbent        

            NFAA/MAA Advisor                  -                       Ron West - Incumbent

            NAA/MAA Advisor                    -                       Ted Light – Incumbent


Received Bids for 2008/2009

FITA Indoor  2009                 -                                               Mayberry Archers


NFAA Indoor  2008/2009    -                                               Cumberland Bowhunters


3D Challenge                        -                                               NONE


NFAA Outdoor                      -                                               Anne Arundel Archers                                             


FITA Field                              -                                               Vingt Neuf Bowman


NFAA Animal                        -                                               Mayberry Archers


FITA Target                            -                                               Oriole Archers


Charity Shoot             -                                               NONE



                                       Respectfully submitted,


                                                                 Colleen McGowan- MAA President

Please advise by return email that this has been received – thank you.


            AS OF November 10th at 3:30 pm, the following clubs WILL be attending – This means I have had not notice that you are NOT attending.  Sure will be nice to have so many attending.


            AAA    -           yes

            CB      -           maybe, but have votes

            EFA    -           yes

            GPB    -           yes

            HB       -           yes

            HMB   -           yes

            MA      -           yes

            MOB   -           yes

            OA      -           no, have votes

            SMA   -           yes

            TA       -           yes

            TPA    -           yes

            VNB    -           yes