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May Newsletter

May 28th2004June 6, 2006





  They will be rescheduling, the new date will be send out later via email and the MAA website. Anyone wishing to help them out with clean up after BG&E come in and clean up the down electric wires please contact: Bud Howe, BB:


The following NFAA rule changes went into effect as of June 1st 2006.

 II .Equipment Rule changes

Freestyle Bowhunter:

1.      A maximum of (5) five fixed reference points: Points of attachment shall not be considered reference points. A line running vertically from its top attachment in the pin guard to its bottom attachment in the pin guard would be legal. Sighting reference points, string peep and/or kisser button may not be moved during a round. Scopes, clickers and draw checks are not allowed. A round or oval housing around the points of reference is not considered a scope as long as no lens is used. No additional pin guard may be used. A sight pin consisting of a housing with a hole through it, that does not contain a fixed reference point within the hole, is not allowed.

III Tournaments

 National Tournaments

      12. The Host club shall provide a practice range which consists of a single shooting line with the practice butts angled or in a “V” shape.

IV Outdoor Shooting Rules:


       11. Any arrows(s) shot from other than a pre-designated position in the designated order shall be scored as “0” (zero)

        12. A dropped arrow is one which falls while being transferred from the quiver to be nocked on the string, or in preparation for a shot: or which falls from the string during a controlled letdown. (A dropped arrow may be re-shot).

V Official NFAA Rounds

 Animal Round


        2.1 The targets for this round are animal targets with the scouring area divided into two parts. The high scoring area is oblong while the low scoring area is the area between the high scoring area and the “hide and hair” line or “feathers”, as the case may be. The area between the “hide and hair” line to the outside of the carcass is considered a non-scoring area. A bonus X-ring (valued one point) is located in the middle of the high scoring area and colored white on dark targets and black on light targets. This bonus ring will be mandatory at NFAA National and Sectional Field Championships and optional at other events.





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NFAA Indoor Round


       2.4 The Tournament Director may substitute the Vegas 3 spot face or the Vegas 30 cm face as official faces in place of the 40 cm blue target or the Indoor Four or Five Spot Targets, with scoring as follows: 10 through 1 on the single spot target. 10 through 6 on the three spot target. 5 ends of 3 arrows will be shot per game. Tournament Director will decide if 2, 3, or 4 games will be used, scoring 300, 450, or 600, respectively. A time limit of 2 ½ minutes per end will be used.


    5.4.1 In the event the scoring ring has become distorted due to torn or missing paper, the score shall visually reconstruct the natural arc of the scoring ring to determine the value of the arrow(s).

VI. General Shooting Rules and Regulations

   8.6 The NFAA National Marked 3-D maximum distance will be 101 yards, provided targets of adequate size are used. Sectional and State (optional) Marked 3-D maximum distance will be 60 yards. National, Sectional and State (optional) Unmarked 3-D maximum distance will be 50 yards.



Many Thanks to Judy Specht and the Co-Editors of the 2006 MAA Archery Guide, once again they have out done themselves and once again it is getting rave reviews from everyone. Please take the time to than them all if you see them.


The official MAA email address has changed to: the same as printed above. The old one expires at the end of May 2004.


The FITA Field State Championship tournament date has been moved from Sunday, July 11th 2004 TO September 6th 2004, Labor Day Monday.  Location, Mayberry Archers and advertised times remain the same.

 Anyone wishing to submit pictures for the 2007 Archery Guide please contact Mike Pettrey,    OR Call him at 410 538 7617.



MAA State Championship Applications:

    Attached are the registration forms for the next three staterest of the state championships for 2006., The the Un-Marked 3-D, Marked 3-D and State Outdoor Field, the FITA Field, the Animal and the FITA Target championships. The last three state tournaments, the FITA Field, the Animal and the FITA Target will be included in a newsletter that will be sent out in the beginning of July. Please remember to include all the information requested on all of the applications. Phone numbers, email addresses, style, class, division and score average are all important information that makes the tournament committee able to do most of the work prior to each tournament. The main delay of starting each state tournament is the lack of pertinent information on pre-registration forms and late registration in general. If at all possible please pre-register even if it is to call the VP of Tournament (Sue Blickenstaff) the day before the tournament.


The OLD state Unmarked and Marked 3-D State Championship is no longer held. They have been replaced with the new “Maryland State 3-D Challenge. A flyer is attached and there is not pre-registration needed. It will be a great event including both the Unmarked and Marked events in one day and you will be able to compete in both as long as you shoot the UNMARKED event first.




    For those of you who are MAA Only members members,and are not a member of the NFAA, your renewal application was attached to your January newsletter. We received only a few renewals. MAA Only membership is basically now for our NAA members and those who wish to belong to the state organization but do not wish to compete in any of the NFAA/MAA shoots helddues now run the same as the calendar year, from January to December.  Your 03’ membership renewal dues were pro-rated to reflect a December 31st 03 expiration date. You may pay your MAA only dues at anytime, but after this past January 31st it will no longer be pro-rated and  the full amount will be due when renewing after the January 31st deadline for each year.

. If you have not paid your MAA only dues please forward it ASAP to the MAA Secretary at: P.O. BOX 414, Herndon, and VA 20172. This will save yourself and the MAA with having to process your MAA dues prior to or at the remaining State championships that it will be needed for.  MAA only members that belong to the MAA only to participate in the two 3-D Championships, since that shoot is no longer a State Tournament you know longer need to be a member to shoot it.

 We sincerely appreciate all those who still join the MAA organization to help support the continued work that we are doing in the state of MD.

    Please remember that due to enforcement of our charter agreement with the NFAA as an MAA only member you now are only eligible to compete for state awards at the UnMarked and Marked 3-D Championship Tournaments. Weekly shoots or any of our promotional shoots such as the MAA Annual Charity Shoot on May 2, 2004 are unaffected.


    If you have any questions about your MAA membership, about joining the NFAA or filling out the application properly for either MAA or NFAA membership please contact the state secretary, , Colleen McGowan-703 476-1755.Dave Blickenstaff at (410) 346-6127, or your own club’s officer that handles your club’s membership applications.







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The MAA Annual Charity Shoot

    Our annual Charity shoot benefiting “Camp Sunrise” a camp for kids with cancer was held on April 30, 2006. The total income to date is $2782.00. We can still accept donations. Please make check out to the “American Cancer Society” and send them directly to our MAA Treasurer, Mike Pettrey at the MAA P.O. Box, P.O. BOX 414, Herndon, VA 20172. Please call or email him to let him know it is coming. Your canceled check will be your receipt for tax purposes.


 A note from Bob Sales, Charity Shoot Chairman

The 2006 charity shoot was looking pretty sad due to the lack of donations for the auction. Donations from suppliers were way down We got the word out to the MAA members to bring whatever they could for the auction and they did just that. We can all take pride in the fact that the members of MAA came together and made this one of the best charity shoots ever. We had outboard motors, cakes, dolls and all kinds of wonderful things. I want to thank each and everyone that donated items and a special thanks to everyone for the gracious support at the auction. There was something special about this shoot that is hard to describe. It was like a family reunion or a party of friends that were happy just to be together.

 Thanks to all the wonderful companies that made donations. A special thanks to Jefferson Archery, Machrotech and Bay Country Archery for their very kind donations and for the many years of support they have given the MAA and the Charity Shoot. I will send a letter of thanks to those that made a donation to this year’s event.

Sharon Mills of Fredrick MD, (who recently lost her husband), graciously donated some very nice archery equipment that was his. At the auction these items brought in over $500. Our hearts go out to Sharon and her family. For the kids at Camp Sunrise we thank you for your kindness.

To all those that helped with the shoot and auction Thank you for making this years MAA Charity Shoot one to remember.


     Our annual Charity shoot benefiting “Camp Sunshine” a camp for kids with cancer was held on May 2, 2004. The total income to date is $3,821.24. Since the funds will not be turned over to the ACS until the June Banquet. We will still accept donations. Please make check out to the “American Cancer Society” and send them directly to Our Charity Shoot Chairperson is Bob Sales. I would call or email him to let him know it is coming. Your canceled check will be your receipt for tax purposes.


Instructors CoursesNEW MAA SHIRTS AND HATS

We have lots of new MAA sportswear in stock and also special items can be ordered. Colleen McGowan, MAA President has the inventory and will have it at most Sunday shoots and State shoots. All with the new MAA loco that was created by Bob Sales, President of AAA, VP of Scheduling and Chairman of our annual Charity Shoot. If we do not have what you like we can try and find something in the catalog or you can buy your own apparel and give it to me to get the logo sewn on for just $6.50. Reg. t-shirts in both Men’s and Ladies sizes is $12.00. All Hats are $12. each, Reg. standard Pique Collared shirts for Men and women are $22 for S-XL and $25 for XXL or larger. Our premium collared shirt is $32 for S-XL for men and women and $35 for XXL or larger. This is a heavy weight black shirt with a white tipping on the collar and sleeve.  Ladies collared shirts on both the $25 and $32 version have a collar a V-neck and no buttons. If we do not have your size it can be ordered very easily.



Ted Light, our NAA Representative is conducting a Level II NAA instructor course on June 26, 27, and 28th.

LOCATION-  Genesee Valley Camp and Ridgley Middle School.

Classes will begin each day at 8:00 AM. The cost is $120.00 per person, which includes the 2 course books.



Ted Light

1107 Greenway Rd.

Cockeysville, MD. 21030

For more information please call: (410) 252-8292 or



Incentive awards:

    Please note that applications for our annual incentive awards are due on Saturday, August 286th 20042006, which is the first day of the State Outdoor Championships. You may get applications from the VP of Awards, Jim McDonaldGeorge Light, Jr.


Bowmen of the year due:

    Bowmen of the Year nominations must be submitted in writing by August 1st 2006.  Please send a written letter stating as to why you think this person should be the 2006 Bowman of the year to Jerry Wenzel (to are due tolast years recipient).  Jerry Wenzel address is: 14121 Cedar Plantation Road, Spotsylvania, VA 22553, Phone # (540) 854-0245, email:









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Great news !!!!!!!!!

The Mid Atlantic Outdoor Sectional will once again be on the third weekend of June. Ron West our NFAA Director talked it up prior and during the Directors meeting this past weekend. We can now move the Gold Cup back to it rightful place on the MAA Schedule AND all those who have kids can once again attend this great shoot that will be at Garden State Archers in NJ. Another of NJ great ranges. We will once again shoot 28 Field, 14 Animal and 28 Hunter format next year.

Sue Weinstein by August 15th, 2004. Applications will be processed by the Bowmen of the Year committee on the weekend of the State Outdoor.


Deadline for Agenda Items for the November MAA Meeting:

    Agenda Items for the November MAA Council meeting, on November 12th, 2004 at Eutaw Forest Archers in Waldorf, MD, are due by August 21st, 2004. Please submit them to the MAA Secretary, Dave Blickenstaff by mail or email.

NFAA Outdoor Nationals, YANKTON, SD July 24-28, 2006

 Anyone who would like to attend an MAA group dinner at the Outdoor Nationals, please contact Ron West, NFAA Director or Colleen McGowan, MAA President.  We had a great time on the cruise that we did in Watkins Glen and since Yankton was a new location it was hard to get something together. If there is enough interested we will check into what is available in Yankton.


A Note from the President,



As we begin the MAA’s shoot packed outdoor season, I asked that you remember that many of our clubs are running as close to the operating budgets as they can. As well as I know many of you are also doing with the current price of gas. While gas prices have dropped some who knows what the future will bring.  In the past a group of club members would jump in the car and travel to where ever the shoot that weekend was, many camping there for the whole weekend. That would save on gas and wear on our cars; we all had a great time on the range. And after we were done shooting club would have cookouts or spaghetti dinners. After eating dances were held on Saturday nights. It also help supported all the clubs and keep them up and running. I know these are just found memories for many of us from the MAA’s past history. The thing is all of our clubs have some of the best shooting especially to for getting ready for Outdoor nationals. Clubs like HB and VNB who have only 14 targets have all the hills that you need to practice on. CB is bringing back their Hill Billy Shoot, there is a reason it is call the “Hill” Billy shoot. As an archery state we are truly blessed. We get to shoot almost every weekend of the year.




   We now have 14 clubs. We have lost 3 clubs in the past 6 years. Who knows what next year will bring. We have lost public property that we held at Gunpowder where Wing Bowmen was located. Tuckahoe is hanging on to their property at Tuckahoe State park but has dropped out as a MAA chartered club. EFA, CB and MA own their own property so they have even more operating cost then those on public land. We could eventually loose more clubs in the future or have clubs that only have 14 targets to shoot due to land restrictions. Everyone has it hard right now. Soon weekend shoots fees may need to be raised to accommodate rising cost in materials.


 So come, grab your bow, call another archer or two or three or four and head out for the club with the next shoot on the schedule. In archery terms the state of MD is just about one of the riches in the USA. Let’s share that wealth and share the great feeling of spending the day at the range with all of our archery friends.


                                  See you on the Range,



                                                         Colleen McGowan, MAA President


Also, I am sincerely sorry for the delay in this newsletter.  Input from several officers was delayed due to family death and technical differences.





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Deadline for Agenda Items for the November 2006 MAA Meeting:

    Agenda Items for the November MAA Council meeting, on November 12th, 2006 at Twelfth Precinct at 1:00pm (after the 10am shooting line is finished), are due by September 12, 2006.  If possible, PLEASE have them in by August 24th, 2006. Since the majority of the MAA Executive Board are together at the outdoor state championships it makes it easier to go over anything submitted prior to sending it out to the Clubs for discussion and vote. Please submit them to the Colleen McGowan, acting MAA Secretary, mail or email. Please email or call to confirm receipt. 


MAA Semi-Annual May 2006 Council Meeting


    The May 2006, Sfollowing is the outcome from the agenda items voted on by the membership at the MAA Semi Annual Spring Meeting that was to be held on May 14th 2004 at Southern MD Twelfth Precinct Archers was canceled due to the fact that there no “known” business to process or discuss. . One agenda item and one discussion item were submitted. The Mike Pettrey, the MAA Treasurer and Co-Editor of the MAA Archery Guide and author of the agenda item decided to withdraw the agenda item after further discussion at the MAA Executive Meeting. The Discussion item submitted by Dave Fry President of SMA was discussed at the same meeting and it was decided by the MAA Executive Board that since the agenda item was withdrawn that the discussion item not be sent out to the clubs. After talking with the Dave Fry after the MAA Executive Board meeting, he confirmed that he wanted to withdrawn it anyway.


 A motion was made by AAA president, Bob Sales to cancel the meeting and emailed out to the Club Representatives on May 1st for a vote to cancel the May meeting.


 One May 4th, and email was sent out canceling the meeting. There are now 14 MAA chartered clubs. The vote received in response to the cancellation of the May 2006 Board of Directors meeting was the following:


Votes - 1 to hold the meeting, 10 to cancel meeting, 0 - abstentions, 3 - no response.




 No Response - CB, GPB and HMB


As you can see 3 clubs did not respond. This was very short notice and we know not everyone checks their email regularly. But even without their input, the majority wished to cancel the meeting. We do appreciate the quick response from the club representatives. Please make sure that if something does come up that needs to be addressed immediately that you bring it to my attention as soon as possible. A special meeting can be called to handle anything between now and the November meeting.



    There are 16 MAA chartered clubs, 12 of these clubs were represented at the May meeting. There were a total of 13 votes to be cast. Mayberry Archers having 2 votes (over 50 MAA members) and all other clubs having 1 vote.


* Please note that these clubs were not in attendance at the meeting.

    Baltimore Bowmen, Gunpowder Bowmen, Harford Bowmen, Tuckahoe Bowmen


Agenda Items


1).        Bylaw #1, letter A, #1:   Change from requiring 15 members to 10 members.

            The Bylaw will read as follows:


“The minimum MAA membership necessary to qualify for issuance of a club charter shall be 10 adult new MAA members.  If a club has less than 10 members, then a 100% membership will be required, with a minimum of 5 new MAA head of household.”


Submitted By the Executive Committee


          Passed Unanimously


2).        Change Policies #AA – From:  Four newsletters are to be mailed each year:  One in April, May, October, and November.  To:


“Four newsletters are to be mailed each year:  One in April, May, October, and January.”


Submitted by Bob Specht, Legal Chairman


            Passed Unanimously.


Discussion Items


1).        Increase the FITA Target Championship registration fee from $15 to $20. Due to increasing expenses for Oriole Archers i.e.: the renting of the tournament field from the landlord.


             The general consensus was to raise the registration fees, starting with the 2004 FITA Target Championship from $15.00 to $20.00.


2).        Move Gunpowder Bowman from Region II to Region I.  This would not only better balance the regions since Wing is no longer in existence. This places Gunpowder Bowmen in a region with 3 clubs (Harford Bowman, Baltimore Bowman and Vingt Neuf Bowman) that hold only a few shoots a year and would allow the clubs both regions to schedule more shoots per year if they desire.


          The general consensus was that this would be a good move.  Since this move would concern a total of four clubs and since Vingt Neuf Bowmen was the only club in attendance. The only opinion we were able to get was theirs.  VB approved of the discussed change.


          Official notice to representatives of:

          Baltimore Bowman, Gunpowder Bowman and Harford Bowman.


              Please notify the VP of Scheduling, Bob Sales, with your views on this. We would like to implement this change in NEXT YEARS scheduling. We need to know ASAP if there are any problems with this. Scheduling for 2005-2006 calendars will begin in June of 2004.





NFAA Outdoor Nationals, Watkins Glen, NY, July 19-23rd, 2004

   Anyone who is attending the Outdoor Nationals and who are interested in taking a dinner cruise on the lake at Watkins Glen please contact Ron West, NFAA Director at (202) 584-8015.  We had a great time on the last one. The company and the food were great.






                                                                                                RThank you for your attention to all these very important matters, espectively submitted,







                                                                                                            Colleen McGowan,

                                                                                    Acting Dave Blickenstaff

                                                                        MMAA Secretary












1).        2006 MAA 3D CHALLENGE FLYER – side 1

12).     Flyer – Rinehart R100 – 3D Archery Tournament – July 15th and 16th - side 2

2004 MAA Unmarked State 3-D Championship Official Registration Form.

23).     2006 MAA State Field Championship Official Registration Form and information

2004 MAA Marked State 3-D Championship Official Registration Form.

34).     2006 MAA State FITA Field Championship Official Registration Form.

2004 MAA State Field Championship Official Registration Form and information5.    2006 MAA State Animal Championship Official Registration Form.

6)         2006 MAA State Target Championship Official Registration Form.



            Sheets (4 pages)